As with wine, the variety, terrain and climate are three factors that define the character of an olive oil. In addition to varietal oils, cuvées – finely balanced blends of several olive varieties – contribute to the culinary diversity.

Relying on fine feeling and years of experience, BIO PLANÈTE has assembled a selection of exquisite gourmet olive oils originating from six countries. Additionally, we offer at the end of each year and for a short while only another exclusive specialty: Fraîcheur Olive Oil.

Each one of these oils has its own story to tell, has its individual character, and a history of passion, know-how, and experience of the olive farmers. This product with the scent of the Mediterranean summer constitutes the greatest diversity in local olive oil specialties so far on the market for organic foods. Exquisite shades from balanced fruitiness to intensive spice delight the palates of connoisseurs as well as of demanding gourmets of fine Mediterranean cuisine.

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