Luscious asian flavors with roasted peanut oil and chili

Available from 15 February 2016

The new delicious BIO PLANÈTE Wok Oil will delight devotees of Asian cuisine. The unique mixture of roasted peanut oil, highly heat-resistant sunflower oil, and chili allows both: It tolerates high temperatures whilst giving your dishes a delicious Asian, slight spicy flavour. A genuine innovation, available in this composition only from BIO PLANÈTE.

In order to obtain this balanced, very exquisite taste with nutty flavors of roasting and a pleasant spiciness, while ensuring a high heat resistance, BIO PLANÈTES’s product development tested numerous variations. The particular feature of this BIO PLANÈTE oil from the line of gourmet oils is the gently roasted peanut oil it contains, which lends the characteristic flavor to the composition. But also from a nutritional point of view, Wok Oil is an excellent recommendation, since it contains high oleic sunflower oil with its monounsaturated fatty acids and its high vitamin E content.

Gourmet Tip

This versatile oil with a smoke point of 210° C / 410° F is extremely heat-resistant and thus perfect for both pan-frying and stir-frying. For this reason, it is of particular interest to those seeking an alternative to flavorless frying oils.

But also for improving and seasoning, this delectable oil is a splendid choice. Its flavor of roasted nuts combined with a pleasant pepperiness improves exotic dishes such as vegetable stir-fries, tofu- or meat-based curries, as well as salads and dips.

Consumer Tip

This oil is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. For the detailed product overview follow this Link.

Nutrition Information for 100 ml
Energy 3367 kJ (819 kcal)
Fat of which 91 g
Saturated fatty acids 9 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids 69 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 13 g
Protein, carbohydrates, sodium, fibres 0 g
Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol equivalent) 47 mg*

* Corresponds to 392% of the reference amount for an average adult (8.400 kJ / 2.000 kcal)

 250 ml 
3 L. Oil in Box 1 L. 1 L. 0.5 L. 0.5 L. 400 ml 250 ml 250 ml 250 ml 200 ml 100 ml

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