Coconut oil

Product of organic farming

Already in 2006, as one of the first oil mills, BIO PLANÈTE has established virgin organic coconut oil on the German market. Back then, the enormous trend it should later develop into was by no means a foregone conclusion. This year, BIO PLANÈTE Coconut Oil celebrates its tenth anniversary – and is meanwhile highly appreciated for its outstanding quality and its fine taste well beyond the German borders.

For the coconut oil, almost 600 organic small farmers on Philippine islands Luzon and Mindanao cultivate coconut palms according to the ECOCERT-standard. 49-year-old Geromino Sabornido is one of them. On the four hectares (9.9 acres) of land starting in his backyard, 400 palm trees tower above us. Geronimo does completely without artificial fertilizer and pesticides: “I love organic because it’s healthy. No chemicals – that’s great for the future.”

Several times a year, ripe coconuts are harvested, from which BIO PLANÈTE’s long-standing partner gently presses the precious natural coconut oil. To obtain our virgin coconut oil the pulp is first grated into very fine strips then dried at a controlled temperature and given a first cold pressing in a screw press.

Our native BIO PLANÈTE Coconut Oil is neither refined, nor bleached or hardened.

Gourmet Tip

With its succulent taste of fresh coconut, this oil brightens up a multitude of exotic specialties as well as everyday dishes. Resistant to high temperatures, it is ideal for frying and roasting.

The virgin coconut oil solidifies at an ambient temperature of 25 °C and liquefies as soon as it is heated.

Consumer Tip

This oil is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. For the detailed product overview follow this Link.


Learn more about Geronimo Sabornido and how fresh organic coconuts become our native BIO PLANÈTE Coconut Oil.

Nutrition Information for 100 ml
Energy 3404 kJ (828 kcal)
Fat of which 92 g
Saturated fatty acids 87 g*
- of which lauric acid 50 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids 4 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 1 g
Protein, carbohydrates, sodium, fibres 0 g

* including 50% lauric acid

 1 L., 400 ml, 200 ml 
3 L. Oil in Box 1 L. 1 L. 0.5 L. 0.5 L. 400 ml 250 ml 250 ml 250 ml 200 ml 100 ml

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