Macadamia Oil

Pressed from ?The Queen of All Nuts?

Macadamia nuts are regarded as the finest and best-tasting nuts. Because of the difficult way they must be cultivated, their complicated distribution and more particularly on account of the increased demand for them, Macadamia nuts are among the most expensive in the world and thus are called ’the Queen of All Nuts’.

Macadamia nuts from Kenya, of especially high quality, are pressed for making BIO PLANÈTE Macadamia oil. Before pressing them, the nuts are lightly roasted in order to bring out the special aroma of Macadamia nuts in the oil. Only as much ’ and as little - as is necessary. Thus the oil helps to bring out the taste of the food being served without overdoing it.

Gourmet tip

BIOPLANÈTE Macadamia oil adds a very fine, elegant taste of nuts to lettuce leaves, soups, sauces and also sweet dishes. As one of the few oils left in their natural state, Macadamia oil is especially appropriate for frying and baking and so is a good alternative to traditional, solid dripping. It is especially suited to improving bread and cake pastry.

Consumer Tip

This oil is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. For the detailed product overview follow this Link.

Rare Treasure – Unfortunately Not Available at The Moment

Last season’s crop failures have led to a serious shortage of raw materials and an enormously increased market price. Because we want to offer you exquisite oils not only of high quality but also at reasonable prices, you cannot find BIO PLANÈTE Macadamia Oil in stores at the moment. We are in close contact with our suppliers and hope to offer you this popular and precious oil again, soon.

Do you already know our walnut, hazelnut or almond oil? Whether virgin or toasted, they also add exceptional flavors to sweet and savory dishes. Learn more about our BIO PLANÈTE gourmet oils.

Nutrition Information for 100 ml
Energy 3367 kJ (819 kcal)
Fat of which 91 g
Saturated fatty acids 14 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids 76 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 2 g
Protein, carbohydrates, sodium, fibres 0 g
Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol equivalent) < 0,5 mg
 100 ml 
3 L. Oil in Box 1 L. 1 L. 0.5 L. 0.5 L. 400 ml 250 ml 250 ml 250 ml 200 ml 100 ml

Macadamia oil is distinguished by its especially high content of unsaturated fatty acids, oleic acids and palmitoleic acid, for which it is also used in cosmetics as a means of combating skin aging.

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