9 November 2015

New Vitality Oils Chia, Sacha Inchi & Black Cumin

Natural Power in a bottle - now available

With three novel BIO PLANÈTE oils from chia-, sacha inchi-, and black cumin seeds, the Oil mill Moog introduces a new generation of vitality oils this November. Owing to an excellent composition of fatty acids, already a small quantity of these virgin oils is a real treat for body, mind and well-being. From the perspective of nutrition physiology, these vitality oils are especially suitable for a regular consumption. They place intriguing accents in taste when used for salads, muesli, spreads, dressings, and dips, while they also can be applied in their pure form.

With these new oils, BIO PLANÈTE offers an exotic alternative to the familiar oils of the vitality line, thus addressing the diverse needs of health-conscious gourmets, athletes, vegans, or persons with increased nutritional requirements.

Chia Oil is extracted from the highly nutritious chia seeds, which already the Aztecs appreciated as high-energy food. Chia oil is said to have a fortifying effect on the immune system, to protect body cells, and to have a favorable influence on both metabolism and blood pressure. Read more

Sacha Inchi Oil is obtained from the so-called mountain peanut, which was cultivated by the Inca in the Peruvian Andes centuries ago. Owing to its exceptional pattern of fatty acids, it is regularly described to be the best culinary oil in the world, while it ranges as the oil with the highest proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Read more

Black Cumin Oil from Egyptian high-quality seeds is gently cold-pressed and afterwards merely filtered. Also known as “Pharaohs gold”, it is considered an effective substance in the treatment of allergies and asthma, due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic potential it is even employed in cancer therapy. Read more

These BIO PLANÈTE vitality oils are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and a raw Food diet. They are available at whole food stores by November.

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