Oil in Box

Fresh and Healthy, Even the Last Drop

A way of packaging that has proven to be beneficial for some years now, holding freshly pressed apple juice and wine, Bio Planète as the only oil mill has adopted it to offer several oils from its choice assortment in its easy-to-handle, environmentally friendly and reasonably priced 3 L Oil in Box.

- Sunflower oil
- Rapeseed oil
- Cooking and Frying oil
- Extra virgin olive oil

With its novelty of this easy-to-handle 3 L value pack, the oil mill has now on offer all important oils for enjoyable and healthy cooking.

Sunflower oil Rapeseed oil Cooking & Frying oil Mild olive oil

The last drop is as good as the first one

Before filling the oil into the pack, air is evacuated from its inner bag. By means of a small tap, a spill-free ball valve especially suited for oil, the oil can be dosaged conveniently and exactly. When tapping the oil, air is kept from entering the pack, so that its content is protected against oxidizing. Safe from light and air, the oil can be tapped over months without losing its quality. All its precious ingredients are preserved until the very the last drop of oil.

It saves money and the environment

Apart from being optimally protected against light and oxygen, its easy handling (as compared with heavy cans) and its cost savings, in particular, vote for this novel way of stock keeping in the modern kitchen. When comparing the purchase price of 3 l of oil in bottles, the user will virtually save an average 10 %.

However, Bio Planète sees another particularly great benefit of its Oil in Box in its advantage for the environment. The Oil in Box is already regarded as a future-oriented form of packaging with a positive eco-balance, since, in comparison with the conventional glass bottle, it reduces considerable amounts of CO2 emissions and waste to be disposed of. Its low weight and space required during transport save petrol and CO2. Environmentally friendly packaging material can be recycled appropriately: The outer cardboard box of the Bio Planète Oil in Box is made from chlorine-free, bleached paper that can be recycled. The inner food-safe polyethylene (PE) bag, since it is not fixed to the cardboard, can be detached from the box, folded and disposed of via the Yellow Bag collection of recyclable material.

By turning to this ecologically sensible oil stock keeping, the Moog Oil Mill once again meets the requirements of sustainable economic cycles.

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