7 June 2012

Olive Oil Cuvée Limitée « Vallée des Baux-de-Provence »

The French olive oil in a class of its own

A connoisseur olive oil is added to the range of regional gourmet olive oils coming from the Moog oil mill. Apart from fully-flavoured oils from Spain, Tunisia, Italy and Greece, the oldest organic edible oil mill can now offer a top-class olive oil from the long-standing olive oil region of ’Baux de Provence’ in Southern France. With its intensive bouquets of freshly cut grass and artichokes, this elegant olive oil cuvée of the olive varieties of Béruguette, Salonenque and Grossane makes an excellent companion to salads, vegetable, cheese, fine fish, crustaceans or just with a good baguette. This oil is a must for connoisseurs and enthusiasts of finest olive oils.

Olive oil is just like wine: the variety, climate and condition of the soil of the producing region, but also tree care, time and the way of harvesting as well as the pressing method decide on the quality of an oil.

Differences in harvesting and processing that you will taste!

For the ’Baux de Provence’ olive oil made by Bio Planète, the highly aromatic olive varieties of Bérugette, Grossane and Salonenque are harvested at their perfect time in October. They are carefully washed, gently chopped and extracted cold in our ultra-modern partner mill within a short time. Thereby, it is only briefly mashed in order to preserve the fruity olive aroma in the oil. The water needed is supplied by its own vegetable water only. The liquid and solid components in the mash are separated preventing its exposure to oxygen. Floating stainless steel plates prevent the oxidation of the oil during later interim storage in stainless steel tanks.

An olive oil of protected origin

’Baux de Provence’ olive oil by Bio Planète comes from Vallée des Baux de Provence, a long-standing olive oil region between Arles and Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in the Alpilles, the so-called Little Alps. It is an oil with protected denomination of its origin (PDO). This means it must be manufactured, processed and produced in a defined geographical area and according to an approved and defined, often traditional procedure.

A top-notch olive oil in a class of its own

’Baux de Provence’ olive oil by Bio Planète represents all characteristic aromas of Provence. This oil is intensively fruity with a touch of freshly cut grass and artichokes, with a taste of pepperiness on the tongue and a pleasant and long-lasting aftertaste ’ a top-notch olive oil in a class of its own for any cuisine.

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