22 July 2013

Our New Manufactory Atelier in Saxony’s Cradle!

Production of Our Omega Color Oils Starts

We take pride in announcing the success of our Omega Vitality oil line. Since production kicked off in January 2013, several ten thousands of bottles of the delicious oils have been produced. Especially noteworthy: For the first time in the almost 30 years of our history, not the entire production takes place in southern France, rather, a portion of our oils is being produced in Meissen – Saxony’s cradle! Here, in the vicinity of our German sales office, we have furnished a small yet superb manufactory atelier for our omega oils.

The active support of two of our competent French colleagues, qualified by years of experience, enabled us to install and establish our atelier in Meissen on a space of roughly 200 square meters – within a matter of weeks. Since then, we have been busy producing Omega Orange, Green and Blue in this new location. The complete production process encompasses over a dozen individual procedures: It all begins with the exact blending of the formulation, followed by the bottling and sealing, it continues with the labeling and the applying of shrink bands, assembling with fine cardboard, and finally, packaging and shipping marks the end of the process. True to our devotion to expertise in oil, these steps are being accomplished meticulously and with the utmost care for accuracy by a production team of six. The majority of our team’s members comes from a work center for the disabled under the direction of the German Red Cross (DRK), Meissen. We are delighted that our successful collaboration with the DRK could be expanded by yet another segment. One of the major advantages of having a second production site in Germany lies in the fact that it enables us to respond to orders more promptly with an increased flexibility. This way, production and shipping of our Omega flaxseed oil compositions can be adapted precisely to your demand. From August on, we are additionally going to manufacture Omega oils for the export market in our Meissen manufactory atelier. And even more BIO PLANÈTE oils “made in Saxony” are quite possible indeed …

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