Production processes

Cold pressed oils : healthy and appetising

Cold-pressed organic oils are fine, vital foodstuffs, and healthy through and through. The seeds are skilfully and carefully pressed in the traditional way at room temperature, just once. The care taken in the pressing process ensures that the valuable components of the oil seeds, such as vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids, are retained.

Our oils are distinguished by their natural, unadulterated flavour and aroma.

We sell only organic oils from the first cold pressing, and our meticulous craftsmanship guarantees you the very finest quality.

Made by traditional methods

Our know-how

We use modern means of production that consume very little energy. However, we also continue to use traditional methods, producing our oils with artisanal know-how. The grains are cold pressed and only once, which results in virgin oils of consistently high quality.

Selection and storage

The secret of traditional oil milling principally lies in the rigorous selection of raw materials.

We attach particular importance to choosing only those that are organic, and to maintaining solid relationships with longstanding suppliers.


Some of the grains, such as hazelnuts arrive shelled. Others, such as sunflower seeds, we partially husk ourselves to give us oils with a softer taste.


The grains are then cold pressed, once. We press throughout the year, which is why our oils are always fresh. Linseed oil, being especially fragile, is only pressed to order.

After pressing, the oil is filtered and allowed to settle for several days before being filtered again through filter paper, and then stored in stainless steel vats until it is bottled.

Organic oil production

Produced without the use of chemical fertilisers or synthetic insecticides, organic grains and fruits only contain essential flavours and nutritional elements. We also carry out regular checks on the residue.

Because it hasn’t been heated, cold pressed oil retains the best of the grain (e.g. vitamin E) without altering anything.

Unrefined virgin oil concentrates the essential elements of the grain without taking anything out or putting anything in.

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