Raw materials

Our raw materials come exclusively from certified organic farms.

We only buy organically-grown produce. Our suppliers must provide a valid certificate and each delivery is checked.

Raw materials from ’Fair Trade’

Because we only buy certified organic raw materials, and at fair trade prices, Bio Planète has played a decisive role in the development of many parts of the world since 30 years. We do this by establishing solid partnerships through good communication, openness and the respect of human rights. We are committed to supporting the establishment of social programmes and regional commercial networks, as well as to training and research.

- Burkina Faso sesame oil

Product: Huile de sésame vierge et grillée

Region: Burkina Faso

Partner : Burkinature SARL

For a number of years Bio Planète has worked hand in hand with BURKINATURE, a small export company based in Ouagadougou.

The success of our sesame oil has enabled us, over the years, to develop a trusting relationship with BURKINATURE. Agreeing to renewable annual contracts and planning production over the long term allows their farmers to develop on an ongoing basis.

Investment in training, technical support for farmers, and updating sanitary systems and hygiene have also been made possible.

- Chinese peanut oil

Product: Virgin peanut oil

Region: Shandong province

Partner : Naturkost Weber

Bio Planète participates in the social development of the Shandong region by buying organic peanuts from our partner Naturkost Weber.

The welfare of numerous families in several villages of the province is assured by the practice of fair trade and fixed reserves.

Now that these farmers have successfully gone over to organic farming, we are helping them through the process of international certification with the FLO (Fair Trade Labelling Organisation).

- Tunisian olive oil

Product:Tunisian olive oil

Region: Oueslatia

Partner : Herbes de Tunisie

Our partnership with HERBES DE TUNISIE, a small family business in the Oueslatia region, and our support of social and ecological projects in the village of Mansourah help the local olive growers by giving them new business at fair prices.

We have not only been able to participate in the building of a school library and a recycling plant, but also to organise an ’organic fair trade’ labelling project.

- French sunflower oil

Product: Virgin sunflower oil

Region: Poitou-Charente

Partner : CORAB, Biocoop

Through an organisation called ’Ensemble pour plus de sens’ Bio Planète works with a number of other producers.

The objective of this network is to achieve responsible production and consumption by encouraging close collaboration between regional growers, producers, BIOCOOP shops and consumers.

We have been buying our sunflower seeds from the cereal cooperative CORAB at fair prices for more than 15 years, allowing local organic farming to prosper.

- Moroccan argan oil

Product: Argan oil from a Berber recipe

Region: Essaouira-Agadir


Along with our Moroccan partner LACHGARCO, we are committed to the proper payment of labour and to improving the social and cultural conditions of the Berber women of the country.

Social projects such as financing the bringing of drinking water to the village of Sidi, replanting Argan trees in the province of Tiznit and the building of a cheese factory by a women’s cooperative, have all been made possible due to the marketing of Bio Planète’s argan oil.

Traceability and transparency

Every incoming batch of raw goods receives a lot number which is used throughout the entire production process. It even appears on the label next to the origin of the raw material so as to ensure complete traceability all the way to the consumer.


Our quest for the highest quality begins with a rigorous selection of the raw materials at our suppliers premises. Even before the delivery is unloaded samples are inspected in our own laboratory for taste, moisture content, acidity, peroxide content, etc. A second test is carried out after pressing and a final one is done at the time of bottling.

Legal notice

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